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Blow-Dry Services By Alan Lawrence Hairdresser in Hadley Wood, Barnet

A blow dry is the final trick in any hairdresser’s repertoire. It’s the finishing touch, adding volume and life to any hairstyle. A blow dry also serves to enhance your hair’s natural beauty. When the warmth of the hair dryer is combined with the highest-quality hair products and our wealth of expertise, you can expect to emerge with a light and luxurious look like no other.

Get a Blow Dry in Hadley Wood, Barnet

We know how much women of all walks of life enjoy a bit of pampering. And nothing feels better than having a breath of fresh air uplift your hair, guided by expert hands. Our stylists will help you look and feel fantastic with a blow dry at our hairdresser. Our hairdressers are proud of every brushstroke, and uphold each client’s hairstyle to the highest standards. It’s not just about getting hair dry – it’s about bringing hair to life, and making the wearer feel great!

Blow Dry Prices

We believe all women should enjoy the luxury indulgence of a soft and bouncy blow dry session, and we believe they should enjoy it as often as possible. For this reason, we strive to keep our blow dry prices down and our service up!

Blow Dry For Short Hair

Short hair can benefit immensely from a blow dry in Hadley Wood, Barnet. Not only is it greatly affordable, but it furthermore adds volume that shorter hairstyles often crave. A well-maintained bob or other short haircut is a distinguished, vogue statement, suited to a role of professionalism or staying on the cutting edge. Our hairdressers look forward to perking up your hair to your standards with a quality blow dry session.

Blow dry short hair price:

  • With Senior Stylist – £25.90
  • With Principal Stylist – £27.90
  • With Director – £27.90

Blow Dry Mid-Length Hair

Mid-length hair is a great length, allowing room for play, while being easily maintained. This length would look exceptional with a blow dry by expert hands. It lends itself to a youthful, light appearance when enhanced with a blow dry session. It can also appear straight, professional and silky smooth with extended minutes under the heat. Let our hairdressers in Hadley Wood, Barnet know what you’re looking for!

Blow dry mid-length hair price:

  • With Senior Stylist – £25.90
  • With Principal Stylist – £27.90
  • With Director – £27.90

Blow Dry Long Hair

There’s nothing more radiant than long, luscious hair, blow-dried to perfection! Stop by our hairdressing salon in Hadley Wood, Barnet to see the wonders our hairstylists can perform on your long hair. It’s often difficult to manage long hair when left to your own devices. The length makes it difficult to keep track of. Fortunately, our hairdressing team is always delighted to indulge long hair with a quality blow dry.

Blow dry long hair price:

  • With Senior Stylist – £29.90
  • With Principal Stylist – £29.90
  • With Director – £30.90

Brazilian Blow Dry:

Using our careful mixture of liquids to heal seal hair, Alan Lawrence Hairdressers in Hadley Wood, Barnet is proud to offer you the exclusive option of a Brazilian blow dry. This exciting treatment allows your hair to be rendered exceptionally straight and smooth for up to three months! The Brazilian blow dry method of long-lasting hair straightening is the perfect solution for people struggling with unruly, frizzy hair, or perhaps those wishing to save the hours otherwise spent on maintaining routine self hair-straightening sessions throughout the week. Not only is the Brazilian blow dry long-lasting, but it yields some of the most exceptional results.

Brazilian blow dry price:

  • Dependant on hair length – £189.00

Hairdresser Location:

Our hairdresser is situated at 24 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, London, EN4 0EJ, next to the Hadley Wood train station.

Looking for a blow dry in Hadley Wood, Barnet? Or perhaps you’d like to try out a longer lasting Brazilian blow dry? Simply visit Alan Lawrence Hairdressers to get the blow dry that best defines you.


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