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Hair Treatment by Alan Lawrence Hairdressers in Hadley Wood, Barnet

Our hair treatments are designed not only to protect hair from damage, but also to heal hair that is already damaged. Hair is easily impaired by misuse of hair products, such as overexposure to heat styling methods, or by processing one’s hair colour excessively. Hair that looks and feels healthy requires careful, and often expert, attention. The hairdressers at Alan Lawrence Hairdressers in Hadley Wood, Barnet will be happy to help you restore damaged hair, or to preserve hair that is already healthy.

Why Treat Your Hair?

Your hair is one of your most prized assets. It serves as part of your identity, and accentuates every outfit. It is worth maintaining for the sake of how others perceive you, but more importantly, it is worth maintaining for how you perceive yourself. Our hair treatments in Hadley Wood, Barnet take into careful consideration the exact texture, volume and thickness of your hair before recommending treatments, in order to ensure your hair the maximum glossiness and longevity. We know you want hair that is shiny and durable, and our list of treatments are designed to cater for this demand.

Our Hair Treatments in Hadley Wood, Barnet:

OLAPLEX – £32.90

OLAPLEX is one of the latest and most effective ways to restore damaged hair. It works by repairing disulphide bonds within your hair, which are broken by acts such as repeated colouring or the frequent use of heated hair equipment. It is backed by scientific research and demonstrable results. What does this revolutionary new hair treatment mean for you? The OLAPLEX hair treatment means that you will be free to explore a vast range of hair colouring sessions, and indulge in heated hair tools at your leisure. OLAPLEX hair treatment is a renewing experience that can only be received from a salon. Stop by Alan Lawrence Hairdressers in Hadley Wood, Barnet, or make the short trip from surrounding areas such as Enfield, Cockfosters, Southgate, Oakwood, or Whetstone, to experience the revitalising effects of this innovative hair treatment.

Oil Treatment – £15

From blow drying to curling, women often put their hair through rigorous beauty regimes to achieve the desired outcome. You could guess that such extensive use of heating tools and hair dye can cause damage to hair in the long-term. Our oil treatment sessions in Hadley Wood, Barnet are designed to mitigate some of these effects. An effective oil treatment can lock in moisture to relieve dry hair, soften frizzy hair, smooth your cuticles, minimise the visibility of split ends, and much more. An oil treatment is an effective method of reinvigorating dry, tired or rough hair back into its full glory.

Hairdresser Location:

Our hairdresser is situated at 24 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, London, EN4 0EJ, next to the Hadley Wood train station.

Looking for an oil treatment or OLAPLEX hair treatment in Hadley Wood, Barnet? Visit Alan Lawrence Hairdressers to keep your hair shiny and healthy.


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