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Ladies Haircut and Blow-Dry by Alan Lawrence Hairdressers Hadley Wood, Barnet

Nothing boosts self-confidence like a distinguished haircut. Our hairdressers in Hadley Wood, Barnet would be happy to assist you, whether you’d like to maintain your defining fringe or layers, or whether you’d like to completely transform your look. Our hairstyle experts have achieved an array of haircuts, guided by their clients’ request.

We use the highest-quality products on the market to bring you hair that is soft and luxurious. We understand that your hairstyle is a reflection of your personal style and unique sense of taste. Our hairdressers and stylists will never compromise your decision with their own judgment, and will only ever offer expert opinion on the best means to achieve the haircut that adheres to your preference. We work within your suggestions to make your dream hairstyle manifest.

Why Use Alan Lawrence Hairdressers?

The best part about our hairdresser in Hadley Wood, Barnet is our personal touch. We’re a 5 star fully air conditioned luxury salon that places emphasis and value on every client that walks through our doors. We want you to exit our hairdresser with a haircut that makes you feel confident and beautiful, as every woman should.

But don’t take our word for it! Have a look at some of our testimonials from satisfied customers who’ve enjoyed a haircut in our salon, many of whom travel from as far out as Southgate, Oakwood, Finchley, St.Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Borehamwood, Palmers Green, Mill Hill, and more, to receive the professional and affordable haircuts provided by our hairdressers.

Our Hairstylists:

Our studious team of hairstylists have been providing fashionable haircuts for several years and have undergone training to the highest hairdressing standards. Each has developed their own loyal base of clientele. Our hairdressers are reassuring and friendly, and seek to give you their undivided attention. They take pride in their work. Every haircut is treated with the same diligence as the last. They understand that your hair is an intimate part of your self-image, and they want the result to blow you away. Many of our recurring clients stop in for ‘the usual’ trim or cut, knowing that they are in expert hands. Some of our first-time guests have visited for a bold new haircut and never looked back!

Our Haircut Prices:

Take your pick from our principal stylists or the director. Our haircut prices are as follows:

  • Ladies haircut from Principal Stylist – £48.90
  • Ladies haircut from Director – £51.90

Our Haircuts:

Our haircuts range from casual, to professional, to something more trendy. If you’re still indecisive about the look you’re after, our hairdressers will happily provide their creative input. They are masters of their art, and have seen enough stunning haircut results to gauge a look that will work for you!

Hairdresser Location:

Our hairdresser is situated at 24 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, London, EN4 0EJ, next to the Hadley Wood train station.

Looking for a haircut in Hadley Wood, Barnet? Visit Alan Lawrence Hairdressers to get the haircut that best defines you.



Enjoy free parking outside our 5 star, luxury air conditioned salon, located in convenient range to the Hadley Wood train station.

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