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Hair Dye Or Permanent Colour by Alan Lawrence Hairdressers Hadley Wood

Alan Lawrence Hairdressers in Hadley Wood, Barnet provide high-quality permanent hair colour to women seeking to transform their look.

Why Dye Your Hair?

Dyeing your hair is one of the biggest and most exciting leaps of change one can take. It could take you a little while to recognise the person in the mirror! But it affords you the opportunity to completely redefine your look, transform your style and even alter your self-image. Some women feel darker or lighter hair better suits their facial shape or visage. Some others make the switch for a breath of fresh air. And many have simply always held affinity for a certain shade, and seek to make that shade their own as naturally as possible. We at Alan Lawrence Hairdressers have heard all the reasons for permanent hair dye, and achieved all the objectives. So what are you looking for?

Restoring Your Natural Hair Colour

Perhaps you no longer have the same vivid hair colour you had when you were younger, and you wish to brighten your natural hair colour. Or perhaps you’ve simply dyed your hair a different shade and have finally decided to revert back to your natural hue. We’re happy to accommodate patrons seeking to ‘return to their roots’.

Hiding Grey Hair

Age comes with the perk of wisdom, and the misfortune of grey hair. Grey hair can furthermore befall people prematurely, sometimes due to stress, sometimes due to genetic factors. If you’re not ready to own the most mature of looks just yet, why not consider permanent hair dye? The hair dye tones will be carefully blended so as to seamlessly integrate with your natural hair colour, hiding any rogue grey hairs that seek to emerge from the roots and lending you a more youthful appearance.

Trying Something New

Considering a brand new hair colour? Explore the hair colour pallette alongside an experienced hairdresser. Together you can decide on the best way to approach your exciting decision to dye your hair a new colour! The transformation will breathe fresh air into every new outfit, and everybody will be looking twice to acknowledge the fabulous change.

Hair Dye Prices:

  • Roots L’Oreal Majrial from – £48.90
  • L’Oreal Inoa from – £58.90
  • Full Head colour or colour change – £73.90 – £83.90

Hairdresser Location:

Our hairdresser is situated at 24 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, London, EN4 0EJ, next to the Hadley Wood train station. Looking to get your hair dyed with permanent hair colour in Hadley Wood, Barnet? Visit Alan Lawrence Hairdressers to get the hair colour that best defines you.

Enjoy free parking outside our 5 star, luxury air conditioned salon, located in convenient range to the Hadley Wood train station.

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Barnet, London

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